About Resatec AG


The RESATEC AG stands for 25 years for the consistent further development of the invention of rubber roller spring from Mr. H. Neidhart in the year 1942. The patent filed by him has expired for over 50 years and countless companies have tried to take the impressive simplicity rubber spring in its product portfolio.

The RESATEC AG is one of the few companies that can successfully offer the RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit in a standard program as well as customer-specific special item in the market through the development of an own, protected rubber compound and the necessary experience through the performance parameters. Making the core processes by RESATEC are predetermined, validated and permanently verified or conducted by ourselves. Has always been, we refer our semi-finished products at our longstanding partners and grant adapted and conducted by specialists develop the technical possibilities here along with the continuity. In all major markets, we are quickly and competently to support with our distributors closest to you.

Already, the basic building block is maintenance-free mechanical engineering part, which is used by the multiple function as an economic alternative for other assemblies in mechanical engineering with its compact design and the specially developed rubber bodies. With the RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit can be applied the functions of an elastic torsion bearing, generating tension pressing, the attenuation of nuisance vibrations and solid-borne sound isolation in one mechanical engineering part. By a vast diversity and connectivity, the RESATEC-Suspension Unit used in the various industry segments around the globe.

With the attachment of oscillating and tensioning arms, as well as the connection in series of the individual components, a standard program was developed for the following applications:

RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit with various accessories as a mechanical engineering part
RESATEC-Tensioner Device with various accessories for the tensioning of chains and belts
RESATEC-Screen Mountings for the mounting of oscillating screens and oscillating conveyors
RESATEC-Oscillating Mountings for the mounting of guided shaker machines
RESATEC-Anti-vibration Mounting for the isolation and damping of nuisance vibrations

Rubber suspension units can be realized with a specific resistance of the rubber body,-port adapted to the space or with specific materials and surfaces.

The performance data of the respective products are included in the publications of the individual product lines. Basically the RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit as a torsion spring can work in an angle of maximum +/-32° around the longitudinal axis and are used at an ambient temperature of-55°C to +85°C.
Our business processes meet the standards according to SN EN ISO 9001, in addition the manufacturing processes and the development are subject to the standard SN EN ISO 14001. The compliance with RoHS and REACH provide our customer a modern and high-quality product.

The RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit becomes unique through the use. There is hardly an industry segment in which the RESATEC-Rubber Suspension Unit has not entered since the foundation 25 years ago. The possibilities are almost limitless. Please visit our website under www.resatec.ch and be inspired by the publications from RESATEC or contact us via our email address inforesatec.ch