RESATEC-Screen Mountings

The RESATEC-Screen Mountings are supports for free-oscillating screens and for free-oscillating conveyor systems with high isolation and controlled crowd behavior during the run-down time.

The RESATEC-Screen Mounting allows a free swing in the desired direction. Concerning the arrangement of the individual components of the Screen Mounting the oscillating mass is carried and leaded and preventing a lateral tumbling. The construction of the Screen Mountings is tear- and shatter-proof. No further safety attachments are necessary. (Note the applicable EC directives for special equipment). High isolation, long life time, high elasticity in operation and superb damping characteristics in the resonance passage are properties which can’t offer an alternative solution in one system.

Would you like to address the specific needs in terms of performance parameters or connections, we are able to develop a special custom-solution for you.

Screen Mountings Catalog in PDF [2.21 MB]