RESATEC-Universal Tensioner Devices

The RESATEC-Tensioner Device is a universal belt and chain tensioner and the cost-sensitive alternative to tension- and pressure springs.

As a true product bestseller, our RESATEC-Tensioner Device has proven in all necessary developed and designed versions since 1989 until today almost as a standard solution for the tensioning of belts and chains. So we command about different accessories for this application in our product range. The function of the RESATEC-Tensioner Device allow the use far beyond the borders of the transmission drives. Wherever must be pressed a construction component, or a permanent tensile force is required, a cost-sensitive, standardized solution can be very often the RESATEC-Tensioner Device.

Want to get special needs with regard to the performance or the connections, we are able to develop a custom RESATEC-Tensioner Device.

Tensioner Devices Catalog in PDF [2.12 MB]